Use Technology with Purpose

We, as humans, often question our purpose in life. There are many saying regarding how everything and everyone were put here to serve a singular purpose, but could the same be said about technology? It comes as a shock to none that most of the devices designed are to serve a purpose. Either being something as simple as cleaning the living room or something as complex as giving human-like responses. Everything has a purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled it is safe to say that piece of equipment or that device, in particular, will cease to exist. Everything that serves a purpose has its own value assigned to it by the time it has been manufactured until the time it finally delivers. After that, the item under questioning losses its value and only holds a bargain in antique shops. Similar can be said for the use of technology.


Deploying the use of technology to serve a purpose is everything techies and scientists ever dreamt of. However, there is more to this story than what meets the eye. Technology is fundamentally embedded into our day to day lives and without it, we are incomplete to some extent. There is a purpose behind why you buy a device and to simply put it, that is the fundamental essence of using technology with a purpose.


The concept runs deep as the need was discovered and hence the means were developed to fulfill that need. There is a “why” behind every task performed, similarly, technology also comes equipped with its why. Using that piece of equipment at your disposal is the answer to that why. If you do not deploy the use of that piece of technology to serve that purpose you are simply using technology without a purpose. Take into account that technology aided in the development of devices so it could fulfill its purpose, stopping it from doing so is ironic to say the very least.


The next matter that raises concern is how to use technology with purpose. Frankly, the answer is only as straightforward as you want it to be. All of us are aware to some degree to how to use technology with purpose. To put it into words, giving a purpose to use technology is to simply collaborate in real time, reflect and share, better research, write and re-write, make something, keep a digital record and mastery assessments. These statements are self-explanatory, meaning there is no wrong answer to any of these. Purposes might vary a little based on person to person but there is no fixed rule that holds true for everyone.


  • Collaborate In Real Time: Get instant feedback and connect instantly, there is no time like real time! Collaboration in real time is applicable to students working together, for businesses and organizations.
  • Reflect and share: let everyone know what your take on the situation is!
  • Better research: with resources at one’s disposal, better research becomes a part of the equation.
  • Write and re-write: Create your own content.
  • Make something: Creating something out of nothing
  • Keep a digital record: Record anything and everything
  • Mastery assessments: It is not just a concept limited to the books.

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