Technology: Classroom Necessity?

Student learning has always been a top priority, and what better way to promote it than integrations with technology? It’s safe to say that technology has successfully managed to infiltrate our day to day lives and so far, it’s been (arguably) for the better. So why should classroom learning be any different? With “internet of things” being the buzzword in any and every industry, it’s only practical to make it part of the educational sector as well. After all, when it comes to progressing and making life easy, technology doesn’t discriminate, so why should we? However, the acceptance of technology and its implementation are two different sectors. One requires mere acceptance of its importance in the educational sector, and the other demands for it to be implemented in the overall framework. Although many hold different opinions about how it should be implemented, its importance in the field of education is undeniable.


Apart from creating a more interactive platform in the traditional classroom setting, technology can work wonders for students and teachers alike. In many cases, students have the knowledge and skills needed to unlock superior learning. However, it comes at a cost. There is only so much the traditional book, pencil and pen can accomplish. By integrating technology and converting it as the bedrock for classroom learning, students can excel in their field. By having the necessary tools at their disposal they can strive for greatness and live up to their full potential. Learning is an ongoing process that holds no bounds. It should, therefore, be treated as such by integrating it with technology to provide learning with the boost it rightfully deserves.


Be Independent as You Become Smarter!

One of the reasons why technology is a necessity for classroom learning in the year 2018 is none other than to practice independence. While free will now hold more significance than it ever did before, there is no reason why the same concept should not be applicable to e-learning or the use of technology in a classroom setting. By providing the necessary tools and equipment, students now have the luxury to pick a style which is best suited for them.


Strong Responses, Pre-Knowledge and Researching capabilities

There are numerous documents available online that will peak everyone’s or anyone’s interest. However, not everyone has the right tools at their disposal to access that piece of information. Luckily, technology can provide you with everything you need. Students can now conduct accurate research and find authentic records, get better responses and be better equipped with the subject.


Value of Evidence, perspective, and resources

After formulating an argument, students can now support and research those arguments by providing the necessary evidence. This adds more structure and weight, not to mention, with an array of possibilities being readily available, understanding different perspectives enhances the quality of a student’s work. Mix this with resources and there is nothing a student cannot accomplish. With the year so close to 2018, it is not only important to integrate technology into our lives but to be a part of the digital revolution.

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