How To: Download Skype and Create a Free Account

Skype is an extremely helpful application that easily connects people from all corners of the world. I enjoy using Skype to communicate, both through text and video chat, with friends in other countries where it costs money to internationally text.

If you want to video chat with out-of-the country family and friends, or just hold a group study session, then Skype is the perfect thing for you. Have fun!

Downloading Skype:

Operating System Skype Download Link
Mac (Apple) Download here!
Windows (Microsoft) Download here!
Linux Choose Your Linux Distribution!

Once Skype has downloaded, you can find it in your Downloads folder. Open the .dmg file!

Drag the Skype icon into your Applications folder as prompted, and Skype will have automatically been installed onto your computer. Woo hoo!

Getting Started With Skype:

Double click on the blue Skype icon in your applications folder to open Skype!

Then you will either Sign In to your existing Skype account, or Create a New Account.

To Create a New Account, you will need:

  • Your Name
  • An email address you have access to
  • Your Country/Region
  • Your language

Once you have finished setting up your account, you’re ready to go – have fun!