Society and the Future

Anything that makes our life easier can be termed as a technology. It is basically the solutions we have developed over centuries as the answers to our needs and problems through the careful application of our knowledge and skills. Technology has further boosted our development and enabled us to create even better technologies. So, it can be viewed as a cycle where we create and improve technologies, and then these technologies help us achieve new heights of scientific and technological brilliance.

Today new technologies are coming out so fast and in such huge amounts that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. One becomes outdated and a newer technology takes its place. When we talk about modern technology, however, we refer to the most popular and most prevalent forms and applications of technology in our lives today that have infiltrated every aspect of our living. Initially, technology was only a means to survival, finding and enabling solutions to problems beyond our human capabilities. Today we are trying to we are experimenting with technology to constantly test its capabilities and limitations, and automate as much of our lives as possible.


Influence on Society

These modern technologies are a vital part of our lives now. We cannot even go a day without using them. Their effects on our society are both good and bad.


The Good

If modern technologies didn’t have a positive effect on our lives and our society then we wouldn’t be as zealous in developing and improving them all the time. It cannot be denied that technology has changed our lives for the better. Whether it be education, health, communication, entertainment, or anywhere technology has been put to use, it has yielded positive results.

Talk about education, anyone with a smartphone and an Internet in an underdeveloped country has the opportunity to benefit from high-quality learning materials online. Distance learning couldn’t have reached the point where it is today without modern technology. Smart systems with AI capabilities are making headway in the medical industry by helping doctors achieve what was so far inconceivable. Communication gap too has been bridged due to the high penetration rate of smartphones and Internet into our lives. Even from the furthest corner of the world, we can chat with loved ones or monitor your empty house while you’re away to ensure that everything is fine.


The Bad

As with absolutely anything, there are also bad effects and impact of modern technologies on our society. From overuse of these technologies to the level of addiction to new forms of crime and illegal activities that couldn’t have existed without modern tech, there are seriously damaging effects of technology as well that are affecting aspects of our society.

As the saying goes, an excess of anything is bad. The overuse of modern technologies developed for our facilitation to the point of abuse or addiction will, of course, have negative effects on us and our society. Similarly, the plethora of illegal and immoral activities carried out with the aid of modern technologies are things all of us should religiously avoid and discourage strongly as well.

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