The Rise of Ed-Tech

Technology is everywhere today. We cannot get to the end of our today without heavily relying on devices and applications which are only the result of continuous technological advancements. It has vastly affected everything we do, including how we work, eat, play, and even sleep. One of the most important areas benefiting from technological advancements and innovations is education. With mobile devices as well as integrated technologies reforming everything we know about education, institutions around the world are conducting thorough analyses and research on which technologies deliver the maximum results and how best to utilize them. Technology is improving every aspect of education and learning and the rate at which this is happening is only going to increase with time.


Adaptive Learning

One of the most noteworthy contributions of technology to education is adaptive learning. Every learner, whether it be a school going child, an employee training at their workplace, or a person taking online courses at home, learns differently. The old education model of one shoe fits all wasn’t that effective to begin with. Technology has not only made us realize that but has provided the solution for it as well. Today, teaching software with smart capabilities automatically gauge and adjust to the skill level and learning speed of the learner so that they can continue learning at the pace that best suits them.


Changing the Philosophy of Education

Use of technology for education is also causing us to question our established philosophy of it. While in the past the aim of education was to turn learners into skilled professionals and workers by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, today’s dynamic world requires us to be more learning oriented. Technology is empowering students to be empowered with information and take charge of their own learning. Today, teaching students to learn on their own takes precedence over traditional skill learning.


AI and Education

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a concept, and we are starting to see its applications in every day life as well. Its application in education is making one to one tutoring possible on huge scales. AI based tutoring systems that work similar to a human tutor and provide personalized assessments and tests as well as assistance have proven to be a great success.


Mobile Devices and Applications

The number of smartphone users is only rising every day and that too at an incredibly fast pace. The correct usage of mobile devices and applications in classrooms and for education can yield great results. Institutions that realize this and are not afraid to experiment with it are already benefitting from the results of incorporating the many offerings of mobile technology into, and for education.


E Learning

E learning is also gaining popularity and demand rapidly. Online learning management systems have proven to be a hit and the E learning industry is set to increase significantly in the coming years. Whether it be in educational institutions where e learning programs are increasing efficiency of learning and increasing student productivity, or in workplaces where E learning is facilitating cost effective employee training, the use of technology for education is doing wonders.

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