Is Technology Essential?

Technology is the modern day Hercules. An entity whose existence and prominence only increases with time. Most of us praise it and feed into its importance while others choose to indulge in disinheriting it, even if it is a fool’s errand. Though sometimes technology can be too much, it can become distracting, it can reduce your attention span, sometimes you have to get away from social media and actually entertain a social interaction. However, no amount of complaints can undermine the importance of technology, it is the blood and bone of the digital heart of today’s digital society. Technological advancements have made it almost impossible to live without a cellular device and if we were to deny ourselves the internet, we would effectively reduce ourselves to the medieval ages.


Technology has connected us to the online stream of virtual identities. It has made the barriers of distance, ethnicity, language and culture void, though personal preference is still a factor in who we choose to interact with, rather it is interaction itself that has been made easier. Effectively technology has turned us into a global village, we are all connected through one another through the streams of data that we can willingly log in and out of. This globalization, in turn, has had its own influence in shaping the modern society. In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the modern society has technology as its central pillar.


Through technology, ideas, ideologies, knowledge, and materials travel from one corner of the world to another. This has been revolutionary for business and education alike. While IT and communication have always been a part of the business in one form or another, with the recent development in technology, business models have been completed reimagine with IT becoming a completely independent department which ensures that the business can efficiently and productively function under the umbrella of Information and communication technology.


The classrooms of today have also been refined by technology. Today e-learning is one of the most common means of educating young minds. A classroom has been turned into a digital hub where technology is used in innovative manners to help develop the skills and knowledge required in a more efficient and productive manner.


Perhaps the most easily identifiable dependency of technology can be tracked in the medical field. Where incurable diseases like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus have been reduced from a lethal death sentence to a manageable inconvenience. Advancements in technology have made sensitive and complex procedures viable and have also helped in conducting groundbreaking research which improve the quality of health services that can be offered. A prime example of technological advancement is the capability of the ongoing human genome project, where all the genes are being identified from a physical and function standpoint.


While these describe the more prominent examples of how technology has become essential to us, the more obvious reality is that it would be difficult if not entirely impossible to function in today’s society without having at least some basic know-how of current technology and how to make use of it to become more productive. How capable we are can be gauged by our digital literacy and a basic level of proficiency is a must for any individual if he wishes to survive in the digital age.

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