The idea for Tech Tutoring was born in Summer 2016 by someone who was teaching their grandmother how to create and set up a website, to run an online business.


While helping my grandmother create her website, I found that there were so many aspects of the computer that she could easily learn, and in no time she was efficiently browsing the web and knew how to edit the pages of her site. If aided by my (admittedly average) teaching abilities, she could pick up on it that quickly, then what was stopping everyone else from doing the same thing?


I realized that there was a serious need for senior citizens, and even just moms and dads trying to to start a blog or business, to learn the basics and not-so-basics of technology.

As I looked into the idea a bit more, I saw how everyday knowledge that kids, teens, and even thirty-somethings take for granted, like the best Instagram posting times, or the difference between a sponsored post and an actual ad, that just don’t easily cross the generational divide.


I also learned the value of teaching them applications like Skype, an amazing tool for keeping in touch with family and friends across the country or globe. Whenever I am able to connect a family with their grandma or grandpa living in a different State or Country, and they can see each other face to face, it is an incredibly satisfying feeling.


I decided to expand my idea into a non-profit organization that would be able to aid the elderly, and anyone else who wanted help, with technological help in all aspects.


All aspects means helping them choose a computer or phone to best suit their needs, setting it up together with them, walking them through its use, helping them learn about Skype and Email, and anything else they’re interested in learning.

There is a never ending source of material for tech tutoring, because technology isn’t something that can be finitely taught. What makes it so special is that it’s constantly evolving, meaning we have to teach as many people as possible how to grow with it, and learn to use it as a positive tool.