Technology: Present and Future

Today’s reality is yesterday’s science fiction. The world is constantly changing and technology with it, this concept has been widely accepted by many. On the contrary, another concept has been presented stating that technology is changing and hence the world has to change with it. While arguably, both the concepts hold a certain degree of truth in them their importance is undeniable. The future is now and it is more technologically advanced than ever. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.


While many still fail to comprehend the extent to which technology has developed, some suggest that it hasn’t developed enough as of yet. With a long way to go, communicating overseas, having artificial intelligence function among us and integrating reality with an augmented or virtual one isn’t simply enough. We are technology thirsty, always looking for better and improved ways to make use of technology to create a better quality of life.


Today’s world of technology encompasses anything and everything you can possibly imagine. If you can think it, chances are somewhere in this world research is being conducted on it. Similarly, apart from virtually connecting us as a whole and creating everything out of nothing, the question of “what is next?” eventually pops us. Is there a better way to go about our daily activities in the future/ or rather, the more controversial way of thinking, can technology of tomorrow possibly create an imbalance and eventually lead to mass destruction?  Regardless of today’s statements and controversial opinions the future seems bright and it is simply because technology made it that way. There are vast sectors which are expected to improve significantly thanks to technology and following are just some of them.


The Job Market

Thanks to technology being implemented and integrated into our lives, students now have the luxury to enhance their skill sets as easily and conveniently as possible. With an array of possibilities now being just a click away, the job searchers are more equipped with skills than ever. With that said, chances are the future will hold even more individuals possessing even greater sets of skills. Apart from alleviating individuals from their financial burdens, this will also improve the quality of hire. While there is an obvious drawback being none other than extreme competitiveness, not all is said to be lost.


Quality of Life

Let’s talk on a bigger scale. Your quality of life encompasses everything, and most of the things being involved are related to technology at one point or the other. Similarly, the quality of life has been improved over the years and the forecast suggests that technology wouldn’t disappoint in the years yet to come. Individuals, be they everyone from children to adults, can improve their quality of life.


Health and Home

Perhaps the most awaited topic is none other than health care itself. Technology has undoubtedly removed many uncertainties from the equation, making life worth living. With deadly diseases and infections at pay, the future is not only bright but healthy. With a better health, individuals can now enjoy everything the world has to offer and more. This significantly impacts your social standings and your personal life. Today’s world of technology and the future holds many exciting privileges we are yet to enjoy, making them all the more exciting.

Technology: Classroom Necessity?

Student learning has always been a top priority, and what better way to promote it than integrations with technology? It’s safe to say that technology has successfully managed to infiltrate our day to day lives and so far, it’s been (arguably) for the better. So why should classroom learning be any different? With “internet of things” being the buzzword in any and every industry, it’s only practical to make it part of the educational sector as well. After all, when it comes to progressing and making life easy, technology doesn’t discriminate, so why should we? However, the acceptance of technology and its implementation are two different sectors. One requires mere acceptance of its importance in the educational sector, and the other demands for it to be implemented in the overall framework. Although many hold different opinions about how it should be implemented, its importance in the field of education is undeniable.


Apart from creating a more interactive platform in the traditional classroom setting, technology can work wonders for students and teachers alike. In many cases, students have the knowledge and skills needed to unlock superior learning. However, it comes at a cost. There is only so much the traditional book, pencil and pen can accomplish. By integrating technology and converting it as the bedrock for classroom learning, students can excel in their field. By having the necessary tools at their disposal they can strive for greatness and live up to their full potential. Learning is an ongoing process that holds no bounds. It should, therefore, be treated as such by integrating it with technology to provide learning with the boost it rightfully deserves.


Be Independent as You Become Smarter!

One of the reasons why technology is a necessity for classroom learning in the year 2018 is none other than to practice independence. While free will now hold more significance than it ever did before, there is no reason why the same concept should not be applicable to e-learning or the use of technology in a classroom setting. By providing the necessary tools and equipment, students now have the luxury to pick a style which is best suited for them.


Strong Responses, Pre-Knowledge and Researching capabilities

There are numerous documents available online that will peak everyone’s or anyone’s interest. However, not everyone has the right tools at their disposal to access that piece of information. Luckily, technology can provide you with everything you need. Students can now conduct accurate research and find authentic records, get better responses and be better equipped with the subject.


Value of Evidence, perspective, and resources

After formulating an argument, students can now support and research those arguments by providing the necessary evidence. This adds more structure and weight, not to mention, with an array of possibilities being readily available, understanding different perspectives enhances the quality of a student’s work. Mix this with resources and there is nothing a student cannot accomplish. With the year so close to 2018, it is not only important to integrate technology into our lives but to be a part of the digital revolution.

Use Technology with Purpose

We, as humans, often question our purpose in life. There are many saying regarding how everything and everyone were put here to serve a singular purpose, but could the same be said about technology? It comes as a shock to none that most of the devices designed are to serve a purpose. Either being something as simple as cleaning the living room or something as complex as giving human-like responses. Everything has a purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled it is safe to say that piece of equipment or that device, in particular, will cease to exist. Everything that serves a purpose has its own value assigned to it by the time it has been manufactured until the time it finally delivers. After that, the item under questioning losses its value and only holds a bargain in antique shops. Similar can be said for the use of technology.


Deploying the use of technology to serve a purpose is everything techies and scientists ever dreamt of. However, there is more to this story than what meets the eye. Technology is fundamentally embedded into our day to day lives and without it, we are incomplete to some extent. There is a purpose behind why you buy a device and to simply put it, that is the fundamental essence of using technology with a purpose.


The concept runs deep as the need was discovered and hence the means were developed to fulfill that need. There is a “why” behind every task performed, similarly, technology also comes equipped with its why. Using that piece of equipment at your disposal is the answer to that why. If you do not deploy the use of that piece of technology to serve that purpose you are simply using technology without a purpose. Take into account that technology aided in the development of devices so it could fulfill its purpose, stopping it from doing so is ironic to say the very least.


The next matter that raises concern is how to use technology with purpose. Frankly, the answer is only as straightforward as you want it to be. All of us are aware to some degree to how to use technology with purpose. To put it into words, giving a purpose to use technology is to simply collaborate in real time, reflect and share, better research, write and re-write, make something, keep a digital record and mastery assessments. These statements are self-explanatory, meaning there is no wrong answer to any of these. Purposes might vary a little based on person to person but there is no fixed rule that holds true for everyone.


  • Collaborate In Real Time: Get instant feedback and connect instantly, there is no time like real time! Collaboration in real time is applicable to students working together, for businesses and organizations.
  • Reflect and share: let everyone know what your take on the situation is!
  • Better research: with resources at one’s disposal, better research becomes a part of the equation.
  • Write and re-write: Create your own content.
  • Make something: Creating something out of nothing
  • Keep a digital record: Record anything and everything
  • Mastery assessments: It is not just a concept limited to the books.