How Tech Changes Lives

Technology has more than changed our lives, it has thoroughly reformed and reshaped absolutely every aspect of it. This is something that can not be denied by any of us today as we are all heavily indebted to the many inventions and facilities of technology that we cannot even think about living without today. It has bridged gaps, revolutionized just about every industry, and has even made our work life much easier. Some are quick to point out the cons of technological advancements, but the fact remains that technology has changed our lives for the better, and the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin.


Improved Healthcare

Technological advancements in medicine have provided the cure for many sicknesses that were once deadly. People no longer are at the mercy of home remedies, advanced equipment and medicine have together increased the average lifespan of human beings. Today people suffering from even the most serious diseases have a higher chance of surviving than they did before, all thanks to technology.


Better Education

Education is one of the most important things there is. Gone are the days of traditional classroom learning, neither as effective nor successful. Technological advancements have brought about reforms in education that have improved it for the better. E-learning enabled by computers and the Internet have enabled anyone anywhere in the world to learn at any time from an institution or instructor of their choice. Involving technology in the classroom to use multimedia for content delivery has proven to vastly increase student’s understanding and comprehension of the material. Learning tools and software are in use today that personalize lessons and tests according to the learning needs and pace of every learner.


Enhanced Security

Technology has also enabled great advances in security. Whether it be cybersecurity or the security of your home or workplace, it is much better today than it used to be. Cameras that record everything facilitate us in identifying suspects by face. Intelligence systems that are continuously monitoring for suspicious activity enable security agencies to nip evil plans in the bud before they can cause serious destruction.



Technology has changed the way we communicate. It hasn’t just improved upon existing methods of communication, but provided new forms of it that we wouldn’t even have dreamed once of being possible. Take virtual chat, which is enabling people to chat and share virtual versions of themselves with their friends and even share virtual experiences together. Today we are able to communicate in the form of text, audio, video, and even share media and files of all kinds right from our smartphone to anyone, anywhere within the world in seconds.


Unlimited Possibilities

What technology really has done and continues to do is increase the already limitless number of possibilities available to us for just about anything today. Whether it’s taking an online course, working from home, looking up information on a subject, or finding a means to entertain yourselves, technology has provided countless opportunities for all our needs.

Technology Shaping Our Future

We make our tools and they shape us

A famous quote attributed to Marshal McLuhan’s work depicts how mankind changes with the tools or technology at their disposition. These tools can have impacts of Brobdingnagians proportions; they culturally, economically and philosophically remodel us. The invention of the wheel led man to seek out effective means of solving difficult tasks, the invention of the printing press became a prologue to the Renaissance, the use of electricity and the steam engine led us into the industrial revolution and now the technological advances of the digital age has hooked us into an online stream of incoming and outgoing data.


Effectively, mankind has been dialed into a brave new order, an order where dependency on the tools at our disposal has become ever increasing. For better or worse, the technology of the digital age is disruptive by nature, it brings quick and effective benefits at an increasing rate completely offsetting previous norms making it a constant cause of concern. Technology is indeed shaping a new kind of future, one at whose heart is Automation and its fuel is the ability of technology to do most things humans do in a cheaper and more efficient way.


But is automation a beneficial thing? By no doubt, the advancements in technology have increased the wealth in the world however not everyone has benefited from this. While the world did grow richer, the wealth only amassed amongst a select few. In 2009 the wealthiest 1% held 44% of the world’s wealth and by 2014 this amount had grown to 48%. With time this is only estimated to grow. A major factor at the heart of this issue is automation. Automation has hollowed out the demand for low skilled workers, replacing them with machines. This doesn’t stop there, improvement in technology is an ongoing process and with the realization of the potential of Artificial Intelligence and self-learning algorithms even white-collar professionals are under the threat of automation.


Improvements in technology have also raised concern elsewhere. With the entire world becoming wired online there is a great security concern about people’s identity and assets online. Cybersecurity has had to tackle the problem of having to stay a step ahead of hackers who might try to exploit online data for their own agendas. It is estimated that the global cost of cybersecurity will reach $2 trillion by 2019.


However, technology can and should not be judged based on only the bad it brings. Technology has brought mankind wonderous results in the field of medicine. It has allowed scientists to tackle problems that once seemed insurmountable. A perfect example is how HIV, once a death sentence, has been turned into a manageable disease within 30 years.


Technology also allows us to carry out sensitive medical procedures include gene therapy which can help remove genetic disorders. The advantages of technology are not just limited to medicine, technology has also made our everyday lives more convenient, it has transformed industries, improved safety standards and boosted productivity. Technology can be considered a double-edged sword, it’s not a silver bullet and its effectiveness depends entirely on how it is used. It cannot be discerned for its ability to take from man, but should also be viewed for what it has brought him.