Importance of Technology Today

With the dawn of the digital age, Information Technology has entrenched itself deeply into our everyday lives. The IT industries’ coming of age has amped multiple fields with tech steroids making technology an integral part of both business and the social fabric. While most of us do not realize it, even the most mundane items make use of information technology; from business, education to even healthcare all of them have been redesigned thanks to information technology.


Information Technology itself is the study and implementation of systems for storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating data or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. This includes both software and hardware as well as the applications that are run by them. Much of what we use today was created and makes use of Information Technology.


It’s no surprise that globalization has increased rapidly with the realization of Information Technology’s potential. It has allowed the world to be brought and consequently help make the world’s economy become a single independent system. It has made barriers of linguistic and geographic boundaries void, allowing people from all over the globe to easily and quickly share information. Ideas, information and even relationships can wither down the difficulties that distance brings with the aid of information technology.


Information technology has also made communication more feasible. Communication is now cheaper, easier and faster than it was ever before. Multiple applications which make use of the internet like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber allow people to communicate with each other using text or video conferencing all over the world. Some applications even allow you to call regular lines, effectively replacing conventional communication methods.


Perhaps the most invaluable thing information technology has brought us is social media. It has become a common part of our lives such that people can now be considered to have two identities. A virtual one and a physical one. The virtual identity comprises of their digital existence, their Facebook profile, Instagram profile or even their LinkedIn profile. Using their virtual identity, they are able to interact with one another and look into each other’s lives with complete control over what they want to be present to one another.


Information technology has also had a very large influence on business. It has allowed businesses to become cost-effective for both themselves and their consumers. It has allowed businesses to pursue new ventures, revolutionizing how marketing works, streamlining communication within the business hierarchy and grapevine and providing unique business solutions to an array of different problems. All of this has expanded horizons and made businesses more productive.


It’s not only the businesses that have reaped the benefits of Information technology, rather it has brought simplicity and convenience to the consumer as well. All services are now within the reach of a consumer 24/7 if a consumer decides to buy a sweater he can look up the catalog online and order it anytime during the day without having to move from the spot they are at. IT has also bridged the gap between the retailer and the consumer.


Of course with the increasing popularity of Information Technology, there has also been an increase in the people and expertise needed to handle it. Programmers, software developers, hardware developers all owe their jobs to Information technology.


These are only but a few examples of how Information technology affects us in our everyday lives, while IT could be blamed for making the average person lax, no one can deny its importance and how difficult life would be if even one of the myriad benefits that Information Technology brought us could no longer be availed.

Business + Technology

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology has an effect on absolutely everything today. Whether it be our daily commute, how we entertain ourselves in our free time, what we eat, how we communicate, and just about anything else, technology plays a role, big or small. When talking about technology’s effect on business, things aren’t any different. Technology has affected business in more than a few ways, both positive and negative. On one hand, technology has facilitated business growth and advancement, and provided startups to form and grow with limited resources. On the other, the rapid technological change and advancements are also some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today.


Technological Change

As mentioned above, technological change happens fast, and businesses have to adapt accordingly. This is the reason why keeping up with the latest technological trends and happenings is both necessary, and a challenge for businesses today. Startups up to date on the latest technologies have managed to be successful overnight due to this very reason. Companies that have existed for years that failed to update and innovate themselves lost all their customers to new players in the market and had to close down as a result.


More Competition

Technology has made it extremely easy and affordable to start a business today. Limited resources and a limited budget are no longer a problem today. Smaller businesses have gained a much-needed boost when competing in large markets against larger competitors. As a result, we see more startups and new businesses than ever. This means that older and more well-established companies have increased competition, healthy for everyone involved. The businesses strive to innovate and be the best while the customers get quality products and services as well as more options to choose from.


Lower Operation Costs

Businesses small and large alike can use technology to reduce business running costs. Technology has made a lot that used to be expensive, cheaper. Enterprise software enables firms to automate many of their recurring and back office functions like record keeping, accounting, payroll, billing, etc. Mobile technology and applications have enabled offices and field representatives to interact in real time. Additionally, cloud applications enable users to carry their office with them by logging into their accounts through any device at any time and from anywhere. Convenience, speed and that too at affordable costs are somethings that have only been achieved due to the advancements in technology.


Improved Communication

Communication is faster, better, and significantly cheaper than it once was for everyone today. This has benefitted businesses as well allowing them to communicate through more than just text or voice media to their clients, customers, workforce, etc.


Advanced Threats

Advancement in technology also comes with advanced threats. The more we let computers and digital devices into our lives, the more we have to be careful about data privacy and protection against cybercrime. For businesses, protecting the data of their customers is extremely important. Cybercrime activities have also advanced to dangerous levels, requiring even small businesses to be vigilant and serious about cybersecurity.