The word integrated itself means to include or combine things together to form and work as a whole. The aim of any integration is, of course, to maximize performance and benefits while eliminating the negatives as much as possible. When we talk about integrated tech we refer to the integration of technology in the education and learning industry to enhance the quality of both teaching/training, and learning.   Integrated technologies improve education by not just
Revolution comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. One such revolution that has left the general public in sheer awe is none other than the revolution in the medical sector. One of the most fundamental and essential needs is the development of the medical sector as it not only improves the quality of life itself but also paves way for a healthier future. The technological revolution has provided us with numerous blessings and when it
January 28, 2018

The Rise of Ed-Tech

Technology is everywhere today. We cannot get to the end of our today without heavily relying on devices and applications which are only the result of continuous technological advancements. It has vastly affected everything we do, including how we work, eat, play, and even sleep. One of the most important areas benefiting from technological advancements and innovations is education. With mobile devices as well as integrated technologies reforming everything we know about education, institutions around
The economy of a state or country can be defined as the resources available to it and how well and carefully they are managed and utilized. We say that technology has had an impact on everything and that is very true. The economy too has been affected directly by technology and even if the impact wasn’t direct, there is so much technology has changed completely that its impact on the economy cannot be denied for
With the rise of the digital age and mankind’s journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is clear that technology is bound to play an integral role in nearly all aspects of our lives. Needless to say, this includes how and what we learn in and out of the classroom. It is estimated that by 202 there will be a new surge of digitized jobs across the globe and that the current shortage of IT
December 23, 2017

Is Technology Essential?

Technology is the modern day Hercules. An entity whose existence and prominence only increases with time. Most of us praise it and feed into its importance while others choose to indulge in disinheriting it, even if it is a fool’s errand. Though sometimes technology can be too much, it can become distracting, it can reduce your attention span, sometimes you have to get away from social media and actually entertain a social interaction. However, no
December 10, 2017

Society and the Future

Anything that makes our life easier can be termed as a technology. It is basically the solutions we have developed over centuries as the answers to our needs and problems through the careful application of our knowledge and skills. Technology has further boosted our development and enabled us to create even better technologies. So, it can be viewed as a cycle where we create and improve technologies, and then these technologies help us achieve new
November 30, 2017

Technology: Present and Future

Today’s reality is yesterday’s science fiction. The world is constantly changing and technology with it, this concept has been widely accepted by many. On the contrary, another concept has been presented stating that technology is changing and hence the world has to change with it. While arguably, both the concepts hold a certain degree of truth in them their importance is undeniable. The future is now and it is more technologically advanced than ever. However,
Student learning has always been a top priority, and what better way to promote it than integrations with technology? It’s safe to say that technology has successfully managed to infiltrate our day to day lives and so far, it’s been (arguably) for the better. So why should classroom learning be any different? With “internet of things” being the buzzword in any and every industry, it’s only practical to make it part of the educational sector
November 10, 2017

Use Technology with Purpose

We, as humans, often question our purpose in life. There are many saying regarding how everything and everyone were put here to serve a singular purpose, but could the same be said about technology? It comes as a shock to none that most of the devices designed are to serve a purpose. Either being something as simple as cleaning the living room or something as complex as giving human-like responses. Everything has a purpose and
October 26, 2017

How Tech Changes Lives

Technology has more than changed our lives, it has thoroughly reformed and reshaped absolutely every aspect of it. This is something that can not be denied by any of us today as we are all heavily indebted to the many inventions and facilities of technology that we cannot even think about living without today. It has bridged gaps, revolutionized just about every industry, and has even made our work life much easier. Some are quick
We make our tools and they shape us A famous quote attributed to Marshal McLuhan’s work depicts how mankind changes with the tools or technology at their disposition. These tools can have impacts of Brobdingnagians proportions; they culturally, economically and philosophically remodel us. The invention of the wheel led man to seek out effective means of solving difficult tasks, the invention of the printing press became a prologue to the Renaissance, the use of electricity